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Series 3

Online Testing Solutions for Financial Professionals

Series 3

Series 3


Series 3 - National Commodities Futures Examination


Kaplan Series 3 Basic Self-Study Solution


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Series 3 Exam Materials



Kaplan Series 3 Basic Self-Study Solution - $199  plus s&h                  


The Series 3 is required for registration with the national commodity exchanges in order to solicit and sell commodities futures and options on futures.


The Series 3 Basic Self-Study Solution Includes:

bullet Series 3 License Exam Manual - A comprehensive textbook covering all aspects of the Series 3 Exam.  Short, focused paragraphs with numerous graphics and exercises help students learn faster and retain critical information
bullet Securities Pro Question Bank - Test yourself with exam-focused questions, build personalized exams based on difficulty, length, and topic of choice, and create personal notes and bookmarks for future reference.  Available with optional download
bullet Practice Exam - Designed to closely replicate the true Series 3 Exam experience, both in terms of the degree of difficulty and topical coverage.  Validated as a test of preparedness, this exam may be taken just once and provides a score and diagnostic feedback without answer explanations.  It is a sound indicator of potential actual exam scores: the better students do on this exam, the more likely they are to pass the Series 3 test.
bullet Instructor Link - A unique combination of online instructional resources and interactive support tools designed to help students pass their Securities exam.  Consists of:



  1. Searchable FAQs - A database of past questions asked of our instructors that allows students to search by topic and keywords.
  2. Exam-tips Blog - A blog by Securities content experts featuring exam tips, strategies, and motivational help. Provides students with additional exam-prep focus. Add the blog to your list of RSS feeds for instant notification of new postings.
  3. Test Alerts - A component of the blog, Test Alerts keep students informed of regulatory updates as well as any modifications to the content of their study materials.
  4. Study Calendar - A downloadable PDF of recommended study activities and timing.



Note: Online products expire 1 year from the date of purchase




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  About The Series 3


The series 3 is required for registration with the national commodity exchanges in order to solicit and sell commodities futures and options on futures.


No Prerequisite


The Series 3 test is made up of 120 multiple-choice questions.  Each student will be given a total of 2 hours and 3 minutes for the exam.  



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