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Series 7 Books and Online Testing for Financial Professionals

Series 7

    Series 7 Exam Materials

Series 7 Course Book CoverS7 Final Exam Book Cover Series 7 Books and online testing programs from the writers of the Series 7 Exam for Dummies


Updated for the 2017 FINRA Series 7 Exam Content


Series 7 Exam Materials




Series 7 - General Securities Registered Representative

Series 7 Course Textbook

The Series 7 Exam License Book is a 438 page book which was developed by Empire Stockbroker Training Institute.  This Series 7 Book emphasizes FINRA exam-focused content and has tips and notes to help you focus in on the most important information along the way.


The interactive Series 7 Exam Course Textbook is user-friendly with shorter paragraphs and diagrams designed for easy comprehension. Key features include:


Comprehensive - The Series 7 Course textbook is complete and easy to understand 

Notes and Tips - Key points mixed throughout the chapters to emphasize important ideas
Workbook Questions - As you are going through the material, you will be directed to answer questions in your workbook, which goes along with the material you are studying
Chapter Exams - Multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter with detailed explanations

Series 7 Final Exam Book

The Series 7 Final Exam Book developed by Empire Stockbroker Training Institute is a 432 page book which includes:


Final Exams - 11 Interactive Multiple Choice Exams with detailed explanations designed to represent the real exam
Mostly Math Exam - An exam that focuses on the math portion of the exam along with detailed explanations.
Exterminator Exam - A 250 question greenlight exam designed to be 8 to 10 points more difficult than the real exam.

Series 7 Online Testing Program

The FINRA Series 7 exam online testing program complements the Series 7 Course Textbook and gives students a database of exam-focused questions including:


Feedback - Explanations for each question that clarifies concepts and improves retention
10 Practice Chapter Exams - 50 question chapter exams for each Series 7 Exam topic.
12 - 125 Question Practice Final Exams - Simulate the actual securities license exam in proportional topic and weighting to help ensure exam readiness.
2 "Annihilator" Exams - These exams are designed to be around 4 points harder than the real Series 7.
Monitor your Grades - This program keeps track of your grades so you can monitor your progress.
Unlimited Access for 2 Months - The program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a total of 2 months.  Once you sign up, you will receive immediate access to the program and be able to take each exam an unlimited amount of times.


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  About the 7


The series 7 test is the FINRA/NYSE exam required by most broker-dealers for their registered representatives.


Covered Areas Include: Stocks, Debt Securities, Investment Banking, Securities Markets, Taxes, Securities Analysis, SROs, Investment Companies, Annuities, Margin, Options,  and Partnerships


No Prerequisite


The test is made up of 260 multiple-choice questions of which 10 are experimental. Each student will be given a total of 6 hours for the Series 7 exam (3 hours for each half).  





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