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Series 31

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Series 31

Series 31


Kaplan Series 31Basic Self-Study Solution


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Kaplan Series 31 Basic Self-Study Solution - $109                    


The Series 31 is required of Associated Persons (AP) who have passed the FINRA Series 7 and who offer interests in commodity pools.


The Series 31 Basic Self-Study Solution Includes:


bullet Series 31 License Exam Manual - A comprehensive textbook covering all aspects of the Series 31 Exam.  Short, focused paragraphs with numerous graphics and exercises help students learn faster and retain critical information
bullet Securities Pro Question Bank - Test yourself with exam-focused questions, build personalized exams based on difficulty, length, and topic of choice, and create personal notes and bookmarks for future reference.  Available with optional download
bullet Practice Exam - Designed to closely replicate the true Series 3 Exam experience, both in terms of the degree of difficulty and topical coverage.  Validated as a test of preparedness, this exam may be taken just once and provides a score and diagnostic feedback without answer explanations.  It is a sound indicator of potential actual exam scores: the better students do on this exam, the more likely they are to pass the Series 31 test.
bullet Instructor Link - A unique combination of online instructional resources and interactive support tools designed to help students pass their Securities exam.  Consists of:


  1. Searchable FAQs - A database of past questions asked of our instructors that allows students to search by topic and keywords.
  2. Exam-tips Blog - A blog by Securities content experts featuring exam tips, strategies, and motivational help. Provides students with additional exam-prep focus. Add the blog to your list of RSS feeds for instant notification of new postings.
  3. Test Alerts - A component of the blog, Test Alerts keep students informed of regulatory updates as well as any modifications to the content of their study materials.
  4. Study Calendar - A downloadable PDF of recommended study activities and timing.


Note: Online products expire 1 year from the date of purchase



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  About the Series 31


The series 31 is required of Associated Persons (AP) who have passed the NASD's series 7 and who offer interests in commodity pools.


Prerequisite:  Series 7

The Series 31 test is made up of 45 true/false and multiple-choice questions.  Each student will be given a total of 1 hour for the exam.  



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