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This free trial will give you a small glimpse of the power and importance of the Series 7, 6, and 63 Online testing programs.


The free trial program allows you to take one 26 question final exam and 13 three question practice quizzes.


Note: To see the differences between the trial version and the real version, please click the "User Information" and "How it works" buttons to the left. Although the free trial is of the Series 7 Online testing program, the Series 6 and 63 work the same.


The Exhibits are a feature that only works when purchasing the real program.


How to Use the Trial Program


The trial program allows you to take one final exam in either "practice" mode which creates a 3 question quiz in any of the chapters you choose or "final" mode, which will  generate a 26 question final exam.


Note: When ordering the package, the quizzes will be 10 questions and the final exams will be 125 (or 100 or 60 if ordering the Series 6 or 63) questions.  Additionally, you will receive questions and explanations randomly from a database of thousands of questions.


Highlight the "Series 7 Questions" by clicking on it with the mouse.  Then choose to take either a "Practice" quiz or "Final" exam.

Next, click on the "Enter Test" button.


If taking a "Practice" quiz, highlight the chapter that you would like to take and click on the "Add" button.


If taking a "Final" exam, all of the chapters will be moved over to the right.


Next, click on the "Generate Test" button.


Once a test is generated, you will have a choice of answers.  Just click on the correct button (see below) and it will automatically go to the next question.



If you are taking a quiz, you will get the answer and explanation right away, if you are taking a final exam, you will get the answers and explanations at the end of the test.


For Final Exams Only


If you are not sure of an answer, just click on the "mark for review" button like the real test (see below).


Mark for Review


You may review and change your marked questions or all of your questions at any time by clicking the review button (see below)



After you have completed the exam you may either click the button to review or the button to grade the exam.


Once you have clicked the "grade exam" button, you will receive an overall grade and a percentage breakdown for each chapter.  At this point, the program will allow you to review all of your wrong answers.



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