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"I just started using your Series 7 program a couple of days ago and my grades have improved over 10 points.  Thank you."


User Information


Purchasers of this program are entitled to 90 Series 7 practice finals (125 questions each) and/or 90 Series 7 practice chapter quizzes (10 questions each) or any combination of finals or quizzes.  Additionally, each purchaser will be able to take 6 Series 7 Annihilator exams (125 questions).  All exams and quizzes have detailed explanations.


All purchasers will be allowed to use the program for a full 30 days.  30 days should be more than enough for students to complete all of the exams.


Students will also be able to track their progress by clicking on the "review history" button.


When you purchase the program, you will receive an e-mail confirming your purchase.  Within 24 hours (usually within a few hours), you will receive another e-mail containing a username and password.  Additionally,  this e-mail will contain detailed explanations on how to use the program.


If you have any questions, please e-mail or call 631-719-0792.



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There is absolutely nothing more important than passing the Series 7 the 1st time.  Besides the cost of failing the exam ($200 per try), there is also the frustration and waiting time involved before being able to take the test again.  For a small fee, you can take an unlimited number of tests and go into the Series 7 exam with the confidence to succeed the first time.





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