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Series 6 Online Advantages



"After spending a small fortune on other study material, I really appreciated being able to buy a quality product for a low price."




Cost - For only $39, Series 6 Online testing gives you full access to hundreds of updated Series 6 practice final exam questions (and growing daily) and virtually an unlimited number of practice final exams.


Access - When purchasing Series 6 Online, you can access the exams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a full 30 days (more than enough for anyone).  That is less than $1.50 per day.  With each purchase, the user will be allowed to take up to 90 Series 6 final exams (3 per day average) or 90 Series 6 chapter quizzes or any combination of the two.  Students will be able to complete all of their exams or use the program for 30 days, whichever comes first.


Preparation - Knowing the material is one thing, knowing how to take a test is another.  You can know the information to pass the Series 6 exam inside and out and still not pass the exam because you haven't practiced enough tests.  Series 7 Online gives you the opportunity to practice as many tests as you need.  Additionally,  Series 7 Online has questions and detailed explanations written by instructors that are considered the best in the industry.


Pass Rate - There is absolutely nothing more crucial than passing on the first try.  Besides the cost of failing the exam, there is also the frustration and waiting time involved before being able to take the test again.  For a small fee, you can take an unlimited number of tests and go into the exam with the confidence and knowledge to succeed the first time.


Randomization - Our unique randomization program gives the students a virtually unlimited amount of tests that can be taken.  Each student will be allowed up to 30 days access or 90 exams, whichever comes first.


Grading and Chapter Breakdown - All tests are graded and broken down into categories which actually pinpoints your weakness (provided there is a weakness).  Students will also be able to track their progress by clicking on the "review history" link, which keeps track of all of the tests (and grades) that the student has taken.


Chapter Quizzes - All Series 7 Online students will not only be able to take as many final exams as they wish, but also can take quick 10 question quizzes on any chapter at any time.


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Long Island Institute of Finance has combined with ESTI to provide the most exciting, complete and affordable online Series 6 testing program available.  Our unique randomization program provides virtually an unlimited number of tests.





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